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Daily Mail Blue Spot Annuals

Children’s Favourite Stories TOLD IN PICTURES.

There were three different editions of the  "Blue Spot Annuals." W.St.J.Glenn designed the outside covers for all three and illustrated stories in each book.

The first was published in 1957.  The outside and inside covers  were designed by W. St. J. Glenn. The outside shows St George setting the maiden free. The background is yellow.
W. St. J. Glenn also illustrated two stories. His daughter, Donnatilla, illustrated one.
One copy is held in the British Library, another is held in the Victoria and Albert Museum Children’s books.

A second Annual was published in 1958 because of the previous success. It had a fly jacket which said: ”The Daily mail Blue Spot Annual made a great hit when it was published in 1957.  Here, in response to popular request, is a new edition presenting a further set of 24 stories that have thrilled children for centuries.  Retold in brief but illustrated in profusion, they provide an endless source of pleasure for the young child.”

The outside covers were illustrated by W. St J. Glenn and show many of the characters in the stories set in a yellow background.  He did not illustrate the inside cover. He illustrated four stories, although one, “The Tinder Box” was not signed.

1959.The third Blue Spot Annual also had a fly jacket which explains:” The Daily Mail Blue Spot Annual was a great success when it was first published in 1957. A second edition followed in 1958. Now, in response to popular request, a third book of children’s favourite stories is presented-to give pleasure to the young child. There are 26 stories in all, retold in brief but illustrated in profusion.

W. St. J.Glenn designed the outside covers and illustrated four stories. The cover shows a prince and princess, Baron Munchausen and Hiawatha.

All these annuals cost 7/6 The first and third were made and printed by Morrison and Gibb Ltd. but the second was printed and bound by Taylor, Garnett, Evans and Co .Ltd. Watford, Herts.

Blue Spot Cover 1957 Blue Spot Cover 1958
St George and the Dragon- front cover designed by William St. J. Glenn for the Daily Mail "Blue Spot" Annual 1957
1958 The Daily Mail "Blue Spot" Annual. Cover designed by William St. J. Glenn showing characters in the stories.
Blue Spot Cover 1959 

Cover for 1959 Daily Mail "Blue Spot" Annual showing characters in the stories.